Ukraine accuses Russia of “assassinating” a powerful grain businessman in a “precise” bombardment

Interior of the Olenivka prison after the bombing.

kyiv has confirmed this Sunday that the death of the grain businessman Oleksei VadaturskyiIt was “deliberate”. The administrator was one of the richest people in the country and died with his wife after a Russian bombardment in the town of Mikoláiv, in southern Ukraine.

“Oleksei did a lot for the Mykolaiv region and a lot for Ukraine. His contribution to development of agricultural industries and shipbuilding, the development of the region was priceless”, lamented the head of the local administration. It is estimated that the businessman had a fortune of 450 million dollars.

In a statement issued by the Office of the President of Ukraine, the businessman made a “incalculable” contribution to the development of the industry in the country throughout the 50 years of his career, which is why he received the title of Hero of Ukraine. his company, Nibulonwith some 7,000 employees, created a “modern and civilized” grain market.

A “deliberate” murder

Mijailo Podolyak, one of the advisors of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas posted on his Telegram account a message about the death of the businessman “it was not an accidentbut a well thought out and organized deliberate murder”.

In addition, the adviser has recalled that Vadaturskyi was, through his company, one of the largest cereal producers in Ukraine and a “key person” in the Mikolaiv region. “That the rocket precisely hit his residence, and in particular his bedroom, leaves no doubt that Vadaturskyi was targeted,” he said.

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In addition, in this same message, the adviser has emphatically added that the “Russian barbarians” they are trying to “destabilize” Ukrainian society through a campaign of “terrorist attacks”, which also includes some fifty Ukrainian prisoners in a prison in Olenivka, Donetsk.

Reproaches for the attack on the Donetsk prison

Moscow has blamed the Ukrainian president and the United States for the attack on a prison in Donetsk, where 50 Ukrainian prisoners died, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. “All political, criminal and moral responsibility for the bloody massacre against the Ukrainians falls personally on Zelensky, his criminal regime and his supporter, Washington,” the statement said.

Russia and pro-Russian separatists maintain that the attack on the prison in the town of Yelenovka was carried out with US-supplied HIMARS missiles to the Ukrainian Army.

The Russian defense spokesman, Igor Konashénkov, has confirmed the death of 50 of the 193 Ukrainian prisoners who were in the compound. “The remains of 48 Ukrainian servicemen were found and recovered from the rubble. In addition, two other seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers died on the way to hospital,” he said.

Interior of the Olenivka prison after the bombing.


For their part, the Army, the Ministry of Defence, the security services and the Ukrainian Ombudsman have released a statement in which they point out that the bombing is a “cynical act of terrorism” by Russia. “A military provocation with the purpose of hiding war crimes, discrediting the Ukrainian armed forces and increasing tensions in Ukrainian society,” they reiterated.

The note once again denies that kyiv was behind the attack on Olenivka, since the Ukrainian Army has “sufficient equipment” to “precisely identify its targets.” The statement highlights a significant fact that the prisoners were transferred to the facilities of this town shortly before the attack, as well as the “absence of hostilities” in that location, show that it is a “willful removal”.

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