UK points to Russia’s “inability” to manufacture various high-tech systems on a large scale

Archive - Russian soldier during the siege of the city of Mariupol

Archive – Russian soldier during the siege of the city of Mariupol – MAXIMILIAN CLARKE / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO

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Intelligence services say the problem is “exacerbated by the effects of international sanctions”

March 3 () –

The intelligence services of the United Kingdom have pointed this Friday to an “inability” by Russia to manufacture on a large scale some high-tech systems that it promotes at arms sales conventions due to the impact of the sanctions.

“Despite the war in Ukraine, Russian Defense companies continue to display their products at major international arms sales conventions,” they said, before specifically pointing to the ‘Arena-E’ active protection system, according to a series of messages. published by the British Ministry of Defense on its Twitter account.

Thus, they have indicated that this system is designed to “improve the survivability of armored vehicles”, according to the brochure itself, before stressing that “there is no evidence” that these systems are being installed in Russian vehicles deployed in Ukraine.

The British Intelligence services have stressed that Russia “has lost more than 5,000 armored vehicles” since the start of the invasion and has argued that “it is likely” that the Russian military industry will not be able to manufacture these systems on a large scale, “a problem exacerbated due to the effects of international sanctions”.

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