Uganda puts the Army at its highest level of combat readiness

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June 24. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Ugandan Army has ordered the military to be at the highest level of combat readiness, without the reasons for the decision or the period in which it will be standing, as reported by the ‘Daily Monitor’ newspaper.

The message has been transferred by radio to all units and in it the ‘number two’ of the Army, Peter Elwelu, used the Swahili word ‘imara’, which also implies that the Armed Forces must maintain a firm or resilient posture.

Army spokesman Felix Kulayigye declined to comment on the order, issued at a time when the chief of the Defense Forces, Wilson Mbadi, is in Kenya to discuss a military deployment with countries in the region. in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

“Can’t the Army manage its own affairs? This is not something for the public,” Kulayigye explained, stressing that “it is a normal military decision, depending on whether there is something planned or a task to be carried out” .

“The Army is doing its job,” said the spokesman for the Armed Forces, who said that the population should not worry. “There are no reasons to worry, everything is going well,” Kulayigye stressed, without the president, Yoweri Museveni, having spoken.

Uganda has in recent months reinforced its operations against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group, which has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State, including the deployment of soldiers in eastern DRC, where it has its main bases.

The ADF, a Ugandan group created in the 1990s, especially active in eastern DRC, suffered a split in 2019 after Musa Baluku –sanctioned by the United Nations and the United States– swore allegiance to the Islamic State jihadist group. Central Africa (ISCA), under whose banner it has been operating ever since. The DRC and Uganda signed a defense agreement in December to carry out joint operations in eastern DRC.

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