Ubisoft introduces Ghostwriter, an AI to help writers create interactions with NPCs


Ubisoft has introduced a new artificial intelligence tool called Ghostwriter that was born with the intention of helping scriptwriters when creating interactions for NPCs. Ghostwriter has been shown off at the Game Developers Conference, the same event where last year the French company revealed Scalar, a technology that uses cloud computing to create larger open worlds.

Ghostwriter is presented as an aid when it comes to creating interactions and in no case, at least today, has the capacity to completely replace the artistic work of a flesh and blood writer. After the writers have created a character and type of interaction or bark, Ghostwriter creates a number of variations that the developer can use and edit to suit their needs. Regardless of the option chosen, the AI ​​learns to be more effective in the future. The goal is to use this AI for easy interactions while the writers focus on core story elements.

In a video game the barks They are lines of dialogue that are emitted by the NPCs or the player’s own character and that, as a general rule, aim to achieve greater immersion within a fictional world. For example, when the player enters a city an NPC tells him that “foreigners are not welcome”, in the middle of a fight an NPC tells him that he is injured and must be cured, or in a market a merchant invites him to look at his goods. They are dialogues with a very low or no level of interaction but that require many variations. That’s where Ghostwriter and his ability to generate script lines come in.

The output that Ghostwriter provides can be accepted, edited, or discarded by the developer. The more this generative AI is used, the more effective it becomes thanks to machine learning. Ubisoft says that today Ghostwriter is mainly used to create barks, but the AI ​​can also bring to life or other interactions such as crowd dialogues, which are the conversations between NPCs that the player can listen to while moving through a busy street or square. Ghostwriter is a tool in constant development that, according to the French company, has been created together with the narrative teams.

The reactions of different writers to the presentation of Ghostwriter have not been long in coming. Alanah Pearcea writer for Santa Monica Studio (God of War), argues that editing AI-generated scripts or dialogue seems slower than creating your own, while sam winklerGearbox (Borderlands) writer, defends that the bark, ambient dialogue, or descriptive text that Ghostwriter can handle is the first job many writers get when they’re just starting out. Some developers believe that a tool that claims to help is just the first step in implementing more aggressive forms of AI.

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