Ubisoft Designs AI Dialogue Generation Tool for Non-Playable Characters

Ubisoft Designs AI Dialogue Generation Tool for Non-Playable Characters

March 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

Ubisoft has presented a tool called Ghostwriter (‘ghost writer’) that allows you to generate script lines for the non-playable characters of the titles (NPC, for its acronym in English) and that is based on in artificial intelligence (AI).

The company has announced that this functionality has been developed by its R&D department, Ubisfot La Farge, in search of keep these game elements “interesting and realistic” during the games.

The npc They are AI-controlled characters programmed by developers to display certain behaviors, have personality, and add something to the game’s plot.

In order to offer different interactions and alleviate the tasks of dialogue writing of the writers, the French developer has created a tool that will allow them to generate drafts of these texts and adapt the sentences according to the context in which the action takes place.

First, the writers must create a phrase and add a certain tone to it. This feature, Ghostwriter, generates new versions of that phrase in different styles, but which keep their original meaning.

In this process, the AI ​​uses peer-to-peer comparison as a method of evaluation and improvement, the developer explains in a statement. Thus, for each variation generated, Ghostwriter offers two options that will expose the scriptwriters.

It is then that it offers them the possibility to accept or edit these phrases according to their needs. For its part, the automatic learning model (‘machine learning’) is compiling this information to create a more accurate tool with the use.

The company has ensured that it has created this tool “hand in hand” with its narrative creation teams to speed up the most mechanical tasks and that they can spend more time creating games and characters.

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