Twitter removes one of its latest features by popular demand

Twitter removes one of its latest features by popular demand

Twitter continues to be the most controversial social network at the moment and this is due to all the changes that have been seen both within the application and outside. In fact, in recent weeks we have learned that Twitter Spain has reduced its staff to only 5 people working.

Of course, this is not the only news that has as its protagonist Twitter. Among its latest changes, what has come to light is that the application seems to have given in to user criticism and, to be honest, it is something that people who are still posting tweets on the social network are celebrating.

From now on, the tab that opened when starting the application for both Android and iPhone mobile phones and that is called “For you” will no longer do so. Yes, Twitter will stop showing this tab by default when launching the mobile app, and luckily this is good news.

And, it is that, nobody had asked Twitter to copy a feature of TikTok, but the social network of the South African tycoon Elon Musk He had the good idea to do it. Now and after a short time being a feature within the Twitter application, it will no longer be part of the application.

Users do not want the change in the Twitter interface

Unfortunately, this does not mean the end of this tab. Simply, now when opening the application, the tab to which we will be taken will be the one called “Following” and it is where the tweets or publications made by all the people we follow within Elon’s social network appear. Musk.

It is clear that forcing users to use a tab similar to that of TikTok on a social network like Twitter does not make much sense, since the vast majority of the content within Twitter comes through retweets made by users on the social network. No need to force people to view content they don’t care about.

At the moment, this change is already available when entering Twitter from the browser and the change will be made soon so that it also applies to mobile applications. You just have to wait for the update that will make the change reach the mobile applications.

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