Twitter prepares a section that gathers job offers in the profile of verified organizations

July 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter is deploying a new section for verified organizations-that is, those that are subscribed to its Twitter Blue payment service-, in which it brings together different vacancies to be filled in these companies and which is found in a visible place on the profile, under the description.

This social network, owned by Elon Musk, has been introducing new features for organizations in recent months, starting with the ‘Verification for organizations’ option, aimed at companies interested in being part of its Blue version, which have the golden badge.

The company continues to devise features for this type of account and, according to portals such as TechCrunch, now integrates functionalities previously seen in other platforms specialized in job search. This is the case of Infojobs or LinkedIn.

Specifically, it has implemented a new space in these profiles that brings together different vacancies available in these companies, in order to bring these job offers closer to potential workers and stakeholders.

This has been verified by the applications researcher Nima Owji, who has indicated that the platform calls this section as ‘Twitter Recruitment’ and it describes it as a function aimed at attracting talent for verified organizations, which will be able to add up to five vacancies to their profiles.

Among some of the companies that have already been able to enter their job offers in the profile, under the section for the account description, is Workweek, according to what they have been able to do. check users who have had previous access to this feature.

The CEO of the company, Adam Ryan, has confirmed for his part that this feature is included in the Twitter package ‘Verification for organizations’, which is priced at $1,000 a month (almost 900 euros at the current exchange rate).

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