Twitter debuts a new name and logo and announces major changes to its social network

Geeknetic Twitter launches a new name and logo and announces major changes to its social network 1

Twitter it takes a while at the hands of Elon Musk, since then it has managed to revolutionize the social network based on changes, sometimes successful and many others that the general public has not liked. But it seems that big changes are coming, starting with replace the mythical and legendary little birdwho has been giving life to Twitter since the beginning, for an X which i was looking for a design that has already been revealedand which will also give its name to this renewed social network.

since this very morning You can already see what will apparently be the new name and logo of the social network, an X with a modern and futuristic design. This change has been announced by its CEO, Linda Yaccarino, in a Tweet that has been posted on the social network itself. The new logotype It can already be seen on the website of the social network, replacing the usual blue bird that was positioned in the upper left corner. It has also been possible to see the X that represents this network at the company headquartersprojected on the wall of the building as a presentation.

The CEO of Twitter also has announced that this new logo and name will (once again) bring changes for the social network. In their Tweet they have indicated that X will be the future state of interactivity without limits, focused on audio, video, messaging, and even payments and banking.. It seems that the change towards the new logo will be only the beginning of the transformation of Twitter, hopefully this time, for the good and pleasure of its users.

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