TURKMENISTAN The reins of Turkmenistan in the hands of Berdymukhamedov-father and the ‘elders’

After having his son Serdar elected president, Gurbanguly controls the life of the country in an even broader way through a Council that he presides over and that must “supervise” the machinery of the State. Starting with economic reforms.

Ashgabat () – The strategy of the former president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, after handing over the supreme post to his son Serdar, is becoming clearer. The “senior” leader, also known as Arkadag (“father of the fatherland”), has been appointed chairman of the Khalk Maslakhaty, the “State Council” or Senate of Turkmenistan and controls the life of the country in an even more extensive and “elevated”, leaving the “junior” the management of current affairs.

Indeed, at the top of the Senate a “Council of Elders” has been installed, a structure originally conceived to head the foundation that bears the name of the “senior” himself in favor of children and youth, “so that they can develop all its potential”. The “elders” who watch over the future of the country must also supervise the activities of the senators and the operation of the entire state apparatus, “forming a legislative base that allows achieving the desired results in all areas of social life.”

These decisions have been made in preparation for the next joint session of the Khalk Maslakhaty chambers on September 24, the country’s independence day, in order to “assess, together, the successes we have achieved” in the last period. As Gurbanguly explained, the Senate “must work closely with the entire Parliament and the government” to analyze the situation, especially with regard to the “six main directions.”

The first area of ​​priority interest is the “formation of public limited companies”, which must have the necessary guarantees in relation to the risks that shareholders may run. This requires a stock market and an exchange for the operations of the funds, which support a strong investment policy in the field of migration and in support of the local currency, the Turkmen manat.

The second commitment is “the use of new methods and technologies in the field of training and preparation of specialists”, especially for the sectors with the greatest demand. Then the need to improve the health system, the quality of medicines and the safety of food products is underlined. The fourth priority refers to the “modernization and improvement in the oil, chemical, construction and textile fields” improving the economic, legal and financial context.

Very important is the “development of agriculture”, which should guarantee the country’s food security and increase production for export. Finally, “since Turkmenistan is known throughout the world as a State in a stage of great development, where peace and well-being reign”, it is necessary to expand collaborative relations with foreign countries and international organizations.

These objectives, solemnly stated by Berdymukhamedov father, had been anticipated in the plenary meeting of the Council of Ministers by the president-son, emphasizing investment and the need to raise the exchange rate. Therefore the Khalk Maslakhaty will be in charge of “informing the President of Turkmenistan about all work in the economic field”, and its leader “Arkadag” has promised to prepare as soon as possible the “reports on the conquests of the country” in all fields, which will be offered to the junior as per diem and basic text for all domestic and foreign policy.

Concluding the presentation, Gurbanguly once again praised the contribution of the Council of Elders, which guarantees to all “immutable fidelity to the legacy of our predecessors, in the wisdom of admonitions, which constitutes the most sacred principle of the life of the people.” Turkmen”. This will allow us to act appropriately, in such a way that the lower house of Parliament “supports the government’s action”, while the Elders and the Khalk Maslakhaty, under the guidance of the father of the country, “will be in direct contact with the people”. .

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