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Google Chrome Tabs

Possibly you are one of those people who have many Google Chrome tabs on the screengoing from one to another continuously, complementing information from one to the other.

When we have a good number of tabs, it can be done somewhat tedious the fact of having to go from one to another with the mouse, making this process slow and taking care not to make mistakes when clicking.

By this we mean that, as tabs appear in Google Chrome, they reduce in size, making it easier for them to we accidentally clicked on the X symbol that closes them, which has happened to all of us at some point.

In these cases, anger takes over us, since, among so many tabs, it may be difficult to know which one we have closed and see how to recover it, having to see the history to be able to do so. All this causes us to waste precious time.

In the end, all this is summed up in quite important evidence and that is that, when we have many tabs, using the mouse is slowno matter how fast our reflexes are, in addition to the fact that we may be wrong.

First trick to switch between tabs

What we are going to use to solve the speed of switching between tabs that we have on the screen, without suffering serious mistakes, is to use keyboard shortcuts, which are more effective and much safer.

With the first shortcut that we are going to tell you, you will be able to jump directly to the tab you want just by combining two keystrokes.

We will achieve this function if we press the keys Ctrl + a number between 1 and 8.

Chrome assigns a number to the first eight tabs that we have open, starting from the left. If one of the tabs we need is within that group, all we have to do is press Ctrl + the number of that tab to go directly to it.

Obviously, Ctrl + 1 takes us to the first tab, while Ctrl + 8 will put us in the last tab of the set.

Surely you are wondering what happens if we have more than eight tabs, well, if we press Ctrl + 9 will take us to the last tab that we have opened, the one that is furthest to the right in the row.

If we have exactly nine tabs open, this shortcut style of keyboard It is the ideal for us, being extremely fast, precise and without any problem that we can get confused by closing any tab, the most that can happen to us is to make a mistake with the number.

Another trick to go between tabs

This second trick for eyelashes Google We can use Chrome independently from the previous one or combine both, everything will depend on the situation.

For example, if we have more than nine tabs open, to go to the eighth, we have already seen that we can do it with Ctrl +8, but to go to the next ones, we will have to do it in another way using the Ctrl + Page Up or Page Down keys.

This shortcut will allow us to go to the tab that is immediately to the left left (Page Up) or at right (Page Down) than we are at that precise moment.

If, for example, we have more than eight tabs open, it may be convenient for us and it may be faster for us to go to number 8 or the last open tab, and then go forward or back, respectively.

The truth is that this last method can be made more efficient when we have many and we don’t mind going through one by one until we find the one we need, something that can be done quite quickly.

Google Chrome has many keyboard shortcuts that are very useful and these are the ones that refer to the tabs, the speed with which we will be able to use them and the minimization of the errors that we can make.

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