Tower of Fantasy: what are the Star Gates and how to overcome the three waves

Tower of Fantasy: what are the Star Gates and how to overcome the three waves

Tower of Fantasy is a fun massively multiplayer online game that has hooked thousands of players on Android, iOS and PC. One of the interesting things about this game is interspace travel, so you will need to cross Star Gates on your way to new frontiers. If you don’t know what they are about, here we share all the information.

The Star Gates are a form of entry for players who want to take an interstellar journey in Tower of Fantasy. When players travel through one of those portals, they can fight enemies and other equipment.

They are not difficult to find on the map, the difficult task in Tower of Fantasy is what comes right after. The player can select from a total of six Star Gates that appear randomly on the map. After reaching the location, you will have to interact to enter interstellar space.

TOWER OF FANTASY | Exploring the Star Gates

The Star Gates include loads of enemies that will try to defeat you after you enter the gate. The enemies have three difficulties and one can finish the first level very easily. The smaller minions are grouped together and you can easily kill them with your weapons.

The next wave of enemies includes some mobs or larger enemies with a large health bar. You can have a strategy to defeat them by first breaking their shield and then deteriorating their health.

The last wave is the most difficult, because you will have to face four huge mobs with long health bars. You will have to survive with some health recovery dishes and fight with all your experience.

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