Tower of Fantasy on PS5 and PS4: when will it be released and how to download it on my console

Tower of Fantasy on PS5 and PS4: when will it be released and how to download it on my console

Space opens up on the consoles. The open world RPG Tower of Fantasy will come to consoles PS5 and ps4 on August 8, 2023. That’s not all, the most enthusiastic can buy exclusive versions for a better experience.

The Deluxe and Definitive editions of Tower of Fantasy they operate outside of the PC, iOS and Android servers, meaning there will be no cross-play between those playing on a PlayStation console and the rest of the community.

Tower of Fantasy for PS5 it will take advantage of DualSense functions such as haptic vibration when taking damage during combat or using the microphone to communicate with others. “In 4K resolution mode, the neon lights of Mirroria are mesmerizing, the clouds of Domain 9 show a mysterious charm, and the Great Sea has dynamic changes that enhance the visual experience”advance.

We invite you to click so you can download as soon as possible. Select the edition that works best for you, as well as the rewards you’d like like Simulacrum Boxes, exclusive outfits, and 48-hour early access.

How to win Tower of Fantasy games

  • Familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of your character class. Each class has unique abilities and specific playstyles. Make the most of your skills and develop a strategy that suits your preferred play style.
  • Spend time exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy and complete the available quests. This will allow you to gain experience, resources and rewards that will help you improve your skills and equipment.
  • Pay attention to your team and constantly look for improvements. Find weapons, armor, and accessories that fit your playstyle, and upgrade them using the right resources. A well-optimized team can make all the difference in your battles.
  • Learn to use your character’s combos and abilities effectively. Experiment with different combinations and find out which ones are the most powerful in different combat situations.
  • Tower of Fantasy encourages interaction and team play. Join groups or guilds to complete more difficult missions and challenges. Coordination and teamwork can give you significant advantages and allow you to tackle bigger challenges.
  • Pay attention to game updates and events. Participate in them to get new skills, equipment and rewards. Keep your character up to date to stay on top of the latest improvements and tweaks in the game.

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