Tower of Fantasy: Meet the Arrays of Lin, Lyra, and Tian Lang, the Newly Leaked Simulacrum

New characters in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game developed by Hotta Studios, recently released the Vera 2.0 update on servers around the world. In addition to the new scenarios and items, the community is looking forward to the next Simulacrum, especially the arrival of Lin, Lyra and Tian Lang, who appear in the game files.

According to one of the most popular leakers of Tower of Fantasy, Sova_ToF, the test servers have revealing information about the characteristics of Lin, Lyra and Tian Lang.

Based on the CN version and the leaks, many leakers have speculated that after the limited banner of Saki Fuwa, the next limited Simulacrum to be released will be Lin. This prediction is evidenced mainly due to Lin being in the official promotional art for Tower of Fantasy along with Ruby and Saki Fuwa, two characters who already have official banners for the new 2.0 patch.

New characters in Tower of Fantasy

Lin is a DPS with an Aberration Element. It will be the first aberration weapon to be released on the global server. His arrays increase attack and boost his unique damage.

After Linthe next Simulacrum that is speculated to be released would be lyra. Lyra is a support weapon that heals while dealing physical damage. Arrays increase all attack types, boost physical damage, and also increase healing received.

New characters in Tower of Fantasy
New characters in Tower of Fantasy

Finally, tian lang it would be the last character to be released after Lyra. As of data leaks, his name was translated to Sirius for the global server. Tian Lang is a DPS who deals volt damage to his enemies. His arrays boost Volt Damage exclusively.

New characters in Tower of Fantasy
New characters in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy is available as a free download game for PC and Android and iOS mobile devices.

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