Tower of Fantasy is coming to PlayStation as a console exclusive

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PlayStation consoles continue to be preferred by Chinese development companies, which have brought both indie proposals and large productions. One more is on the way and if you are a fan of gachapón and waifus and husbandos you will love it.

At the PlayStation Showcase 2023 it was announced that the title of Hotta Studio and Perfect World Games, Tower of Fantasywill be available soon on Sony systems.

In case you don’t know, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world action RPG game that debuted in mid-2022, but only on PC and mobile devices.

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When will it arrive Tower of Fantasy to PlayStation?

At the time, when questioned by console users, Hotta Studio commented that there were no plans to develop a port for either PlayStation systems or Xbox consoles, which discouraged those interested in the title.

Fortunately, those statements were far from the last word and today we know that the gachapon game will debut not only on PlayStation 5, but also on PlayStation 4 next summer.

Then we leave you with the announcement trailer.

In case you missed it: Tower of Fantasy It was a very popular game at its premiere.

Were you waiting to be able to play Tower of Fantasy on playstation? Tell us in the comments.

Tower of Fantasy It is available on mobile and PC. Very soon it will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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