Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock the Home System in Simple Steps

Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock the Home System in Simple Steps

In Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game developed by Hotta Studios, the community can have a home to call their own. We tell you how you can unlock it to make your games more interesting and always have a place to return to after hours of exploration.

Before you can access the house of Tower of Fantasy, you must first have the location of the artificial island. Luckily, this is easy: all you need to do is get to Level 50 and get to Chapter 2 of the main story.

When you meet both conditions, you should automatically receive a message in the “Special Operations” section of your gift menu. Click on the “Artificial Island” tab and you will find a letter of invitation to the site. Just accept the letter and head to Banges Dock to get started.

TOWER OF FANTASY | How to unlock the house

Once you have gained access to the artificial island, there are two ways to unlock the house. The first, and arguably easier, way is to simply hit Level 60. If you have 840 scout points to spend, you can unlock the starting system right away without needing to do additional quests.

The other option is to complete Kalador’s quest by discovering the 10 development logs scattered around the artificial island. The artificial island is not that big, so the challenge is not that challenging. Keep your search mostly around the central area of ​​the island and on the cliffs of Mount Sandy.

Once enabled, you will see a new “Build” option that will allow you to convert collected resources into home construction and upgrade any existing construction on the island. Only you can visit the dwelling on the artificial island at will, but you can invite your friends to visit.

You can play Tower of Fantasy on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on a computer. The video game is free.

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