Tower of Fantasy: How to Improve Your Weapon Arrays for Better Performance

Everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy matrices

Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game for Android and iOS devices, has a vast collection of items, most of which can be upgraded, upgraded and increased weapons to higher levels. Arrays are one of these items that you can use to increase the strength of your weapon and thus win more matches. The higher the level of the matrix, the more force it adds to your weapon, so you should work on getting the matrix to level five.

the weapons of Tower of Fantasy they have four slots that you can use to insert Matrix Chips into them. These four spaces are Mind, Memory, Belief and Emotion. Once you install a Matrix Chip in the slots, the damage and overall strength of the weapon will increase. Arrays can also be upgraded and their maximum level is 5.

Everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy matrices

In order to use matrices in weapons, the player will have to reach level 20. You can then acquire Matrix Chips by completing Bounty Missions, upgrading Suppressors, and other activities that you can complete in Tower of Fantasy. Once you get a matrix, you can see that it has its own HP and Crit.

You can improve Matrix’s HP and Crit with Matrix Data Packs. To upgrade levels you will need various data packs which are obtained by doing Dimensional Trails, Omnium Beacons, Cracking Password Chest II, Bounty Missions, Mia’s Kitchen and Points Store.


TOWER OF FANTASY | Redemption codes for September

the codes of Tower of Fantasy they are only available for a limited time. It is not known when they expire, so you should do the procedure as soon as possible. It may also happen that the list is updated in the middle of the month, so pay attention to the information.

  • IFO3KN1GHQ0, available from August 30
  • JKGS7O1MA, available September 9.
  • EYP8I9TJQS, available September 13.

Tower of Fantasy is available as a free download game for PC and Android and iOS mobile devices.

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