Tower of Fantasy: How to Get All Wheel of Fantasy Rewards

New event in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game developed by Epic Games, has launched a new event called Wheel of Fantasy, where players can take interesting items, from outfits to weapons and cores. We tell you all the details of this new event.

The event Wheel of Fantasy in Tower of Fantasy it’s pretty simple. You have until the early morning of October 4, 2022 (5:00 am – server time) to draw random items from the shop in exchange for Gachapon coins.

Wheel of Fantasy it’s just a Gachapon vending machine. You can only participate in the event if you have completed the main quest “Ec Station Intruders”.

New event in Tower of Fantasy

Players will receive five free Gachapon Coins in the event after logging in. Once you’ve used them all, you need to buy them from the shop – a Gachapon Coin costs 100 Dark Crystals, so it’s only slightly cheaper than a Red Core.

WHEEL OF FANTASY | The rewards

Prizes vary from your luck on each spin. Legendary items, especially cosmetic items, have lower chances than the others. However, the items in the machine are also limited and the more you get, the higher the chances of getting the legendary ones.

1 x Elegant Outfit “Fantasy”

1 x Night Butterfly Hair Pin

1x Monocle of Truth

1 x Profile Avatar

1x Profile Frame

1 * Chat Bubble

3x Red Nucleus

3x Gold Nucleus

3 x Special Vouchers

3 x Proof-of-Purchase

3 x “Spacetime Rift” Relic Shards

2x Advance Module

10 x 2 Booster Modules

10 x 2 “Omnium Hand Cannon” Relic Shards

5 x Joint Supply Chip I

10x Weapon Battery III

15x Matrix Data Pack III

5 x 4 Weapon Augmentation Kit Boxes

9 x 5000 Gold

Doing the math, you will need 87 Gachapon Coins to get all the items from Wheel of Fantasy. If we subtract the 5 free gachapones, we have to spend a total of 8200 dark crystals.

TOWER OF FANTASY | How to farm dark crystals

  • Explore the map to open chests, discover teleports, open the map and more. This activity is rewarded with dark crystals.
  • Another way is to unlock achievements. There are various milestones and tasks to complete and most reward you with 5-20 Dark Crystals.
  • The main story also offers dark crystals as you progress through each episode. This will make your character evolve and, with every five levels, you will be able to take home a pack of dark crystals.
  • With the above, you can also level up your Battle Pass. Some levels reward free dark crystals.
  • Vehicle upgrading, specifically starting at Tier 32, brings rewards like 20 Dark Crystals every five upgrade levels.
  • Finally, discovering new recipes is rewarded with dark crystals. About five dark crystals can be claimed from pots for each unlocked recipe.

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