Today No Saturday Circulation: which cars can circulate and which ones rest on July 22

No Circulation Today Weekly Infographic 2023

Like every Saturday, the Today does not circulate Sabatino is activated this July 22. The plan to reduce polluting emissions from the atmosphere and that limits circulation in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM) is activated with the aim of improving air quality and reducing the amount of suspended particles.

But, what is all this Hoy No Circula? Hoy No Circula has been created by the CDMX Environment Secretariat (SEDEMA) and it applies to all cars that travel in the ZMVM, regardless of their registration or the origin of the plates.

Hoy No Circula applies to 16 municipalities in Mexico City in the following municipalities of the States of Mexico:

  • Atizapan of Zaragoza
  • Coacalco de Berriozabal
  • cuautitlan
  • Cuautitlan Izcalli
  • Chalco
  • chicoloapan
  • Chimalhuacan
  • Ecatepec de Morelos
  • huixquilucan
  • ixtapaluca
  • Peace
  • Naucalpan de Juarez
  • Nezahualcoyotl
  • Nicholas Romero
  • Tecamac
  • Tlalnepantla de Baz
  • Tultitlan
  • Chalco Valley

What cars and license plates does the Today Does Not Circulate on Saturdays affect?

The final intention with Hoy No Circula is to improve air quality and limit air pollution. Therefore, it has been decided that some vehicles cannot circulate between the 05:00 and 22:00the time when, obviously, the greatest number of cars are concentrated on the streets.

What vehicles are we talking about? The restrictions, limitations and prohibitions of circulation are decided according to a calendar which defines who can circulate and who cannot, regardless of the origin of their registration. The affected vehicles cannot circulate one day a week and two Saturdays a month.

What are the cars that cannot circulate this Saturday July 12? In this case, it will be the cars with a hologram 1 and a license plate ending in an even number who will have to rest, since we are facing the fourth weekend of July.

In order for the restrictions to be distributed in the best possible way (as you can see in the image above), the rest shifts are rotating and, therefore, the Hoy No Circula program does not always affect the same drivers.

Of course, despite these restrictions, there are some exceptions to the limitations that must be taken into account:

  • Those with hologram 0 and 00
  • Those that run on electricity, natural gas or are hybrid
  • Those with a disabled license plate
  • All those dedicated to urban transport services (includes funeral services)
  • Those that offer school or passenger transport
  • Those intended for public safety and/or civil protection

Pollution is not only making you live less and worse.  It's making you dumber too

In case of breaching these restrictions, the fine will be 20 to 30 times the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA), equivalent to 1,924.40 pesos And till 2,886.60 pesos.

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