To be a power in esports you need more than just good players

To be a power in esports you need more than just good players

The growth of esports goes hand in hand with the quality of its events

In Mexico, Liga ACE has collaborated with different brands to hold official Halo, Valorant or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, as well as free-to-play titles that are also quite attractive to audiences, such as PUBG.

In this regard, the league director mentions that there is “a great opportunity” for Mexico because many foreign companies have offices in the country, coupled with the fact that more brands from other areas want to enter this market, but do not know how to speak to that gamer public. . “Many of the young people are not loyal to the brands, but they are to gaming and for this reason they want to speak to them through it,” he points out.

Echeagaray also highlights the stoppage he had at the League of Legends world championship in Mexico, since Riot Games’ experience in developing an event of this magnitude gives lessons to other organizations, such as Liga ACE.

“The teams have support, the brands have the security of investing, they have a great stadium and Worlds made a stop in Mexico because the market is strong, it is already validated and there are spectators looking for a great show.”

The objective of Liga ACE is clear to Echeagaray: they want to organize tournaments of the quality that Riot has, as well as being a trusted provider for electronic sports in the country and Latin America.

And just as there are clear objectives, the challenges are also visible. “The Latino market is growing, but the challenge is to put in place the infrastructure to help the industry in the region grow in an orderly manner, having more professionals throughout the ecosystem, because there is a place for everyone in the industry,” he concludes.

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