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Three arrested for a Futuro Vegetal protest on the runways of the Barajas airport

Futuro Vegetal bathes a McDonalds in Murcia with 'blood' and 'oil'

The Security Forces have arrested three young people this morning during a Futuro Vegetal protest consisting of cutting traffic on a runway at the Barajas airport with a sit-in and a sign that read: “A united people works without a party.” Two of the youngsters have glued their hands to the track while a third recorded the performance.

Futuro Vegetal bathes a McDonalds in Murcia with ‘blood’ and ‘oil’


The events took place around 6:30 a.m. on runway 32 R of the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport. The three detainees have overcome one of the fences that surrounds the airport before accessing the runways. The firefighters had to go to the scene of the action to remove the hands of two of the young people from the track, which has been left without traffic for two hours, police sources inform

The same sources assure that the action has not influenced the takeoff or landing of planes. The detainees are two women, aged 37 and 22, and a 21-year-old man. At noon this Friday they continued to be interrogated by Civil Guard agents stationed at the airport. Sources from Futuro Vegetal assure that the man is a journalist who covered the action.

Just a week ago, three activists from Futuro Vegetal and one from Extinction Rebellion Ibiza accessed the Eivissa airport runway at six in the morning, spraying a private ‘jet’ with paint with a fire extinguisher and then sticking to the device. All four were arrested. Two days later, on July 16, the climate crisis activist collective spray-painted the Kaos megayacht, owned by Nancy Walton Laurie, the billionaire Walmart heiress.

Conflict between Police and Civil Guard

The arrest of the three activists this morning has led to a jurisdictional conflict between the Police and the Civil Guard. The youths were initially detained by agents of the Provincial Police Information Brigade, in charge of investigating alleged crimes with a political background, and who, due to the demarcation in which the events occurred, have had to return the detainees to the Civil Guard agents who are stationed at the airport.

The two detained activists have denounced that the police from the Information Brigade have snapped at them: “I would have taken the radio station and cut off your hands.” These agents have transferred the detainees to their headquarters in Moratalaz and have held them in a car for half an hour until they are returned to the Civil Guard in Barajas.

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