Those affected by the rains will be relocated, reported Minagricultura

Those affected by the rains will be relocated, reported Minagricultura

The Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia Lopez Montano, said that the phenomenon of The girl was anticipated and, moreover, it is estimated that It’s going to be very long reason why in different areas of the Atlantic Coast there will be a need to relocate many people to prevent them from suffering from flooding.

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One of the areas López mentioned was La Mojana, which is traditionally flooded.

According to the official, this year a rainy season is expected with many unusual rains in that region of the country, so it will be necessary to take quick and urgent action.

Another area of ​​special care will be the one that includes the Dam Channel.

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He said that the Government is studying alternatives to deal with a situation that it wants to anticipate, but that can affect the economy in those sectors.

He announced that next week a commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and other public agencies to analyze the measures to be taken.

The Ideam has already reported that the rainy season could last until February 2023, with a 60% chance of that happening.

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