This week’s best celebrity looks made strong statements

It was a busy week for celebrities, influencers and other attendees, with the return from glastonburythe BET Awards, Wimbledon, Pride in NYC, menswear shows in Paris, and the premieres of returning favorites like Thor and Only Murders in the Building.

And, of course, more pleasant. paparazzi sneak peeks of costumes in the next Barbie movie.

Here are our favorite statement-making celebrity outfits.

* This week’s best celebrity looks are all about bold fun.
* This Week’s Best Celebrity Outfits Embody Modern Glamor
* This week’s top celebrity outfits span the vintage, the bold, and the bizarre.
* This Week’s Top Celebrity Outfits Highlight the Joy of Dressing Up

best glamor

I find Riley Keogh absolutely fascinating. She has that inherent Presley star quality, that’s for sure. I’m so excited for her upcoming Daisy Jones and the Six promotional tour (now’s your chance to Read the book before the program comes out). I’m not always a big fan of Louis Vuitton on the red carpet but I’m obsessed with this look, at a high jewelery event of the brand in Marrakech.

The very stark, armor-like top paired with that perfect diamond necklace and earrings, the impeccably parted hair, then the competitive elements of hard and soft on the bottom half. It’s a lot of looks that might not have landed so exquisitely on anyone else, but on Riley, styled by Jamie Mizrahi, it’s stunning. -Rebekah Wadey

best barbie

Surely I’m not the only one whose reaction to hearing that Greta Gerwig was directing the next Barbie movie was “wait, what?” But every production sneak peek we’ve had so far has me more convinced that she’s a genius. Move on.

This week alone we’ve seen stars Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) in the best Barbie looks since Kacey Musgraves at the 2019 Met Gala. fluorescent skate outfits that were so strong that they made my knees tremble. I can’t get enough of it, but I also want to see nothing else so I can enjoy it all on the big screen for the first time. -Tyson Beckett

best accessory

Kendrick Lamar performs at the Glastonbury Festival.

Scott Garfitt/AP

Kendrick Lamar performs at the Glastonbury Festival.

Kendrick Lamar’s closing performance at Glastonbury was epic and poignant in its ambition, ending on a powerful note when his crown of thorns began to drip (fake) blood as he repeated the refrain: “They judge you, they judge Christ/Good Good luck for women’s rights.” (a statement on the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade). His performances are always like intense works of art that make you think and feel, and sometimes cry, but this was something else.

On a purely frivolous level, artistic and political statements aside, his Glasto set was also magnificent. His dancers were dressed in sheer red dresses, while he wore a simple white shirt and pants by Louis Vuitton, to draw attention to the diamond-encrusted crown of thorns on his head, which he took 10 months to design, it has 8000 diamonds and it’s from Tiffany & Co. Simple, powerful and also quite beautiful. – Zoe Walker Ahwa

best statement

I adore everything Janelle Monae wears on a red carpet and this Roberto Cavalli at the BET Awards is perfect for the moment. Janelle is a definite subscriber to the ‘everything you do is political’ philosophy, so she chooses to read this look as a ‘my body is my choice’ statement (her stylist literally published with that statement, so I’m not projecting!).

From the leather harnesses that protect her body to the cut-out midriff and the upside-down feminine leather rosette on her bust. He is political but elegant, personal and timeless. And yes, I am aware that it seems that this week I have a type. Armor, leather, soft and hard exposed bellies. The protection of the female body. here for that. – LE

better beckhams

Cruz Beckham at the Dior fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.


Cruz Beckham at the Dior fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

I know the family is desperately trying to make a thing out of Brooklyn (photography, cooking, Wedding, the endless Vogue items), but younger children are really the future of the Beckham brand. Look how cute little Cruz looks at the Dior menswear show in Paris!

The 17-year-old attended with his father David, wearing a cool mix of streetwear and traditional tailoring with a neon jacket, with a hint of boxer shorts over his flared pants and adorned with pearl and chain necklaces and a weed pendant. .

His greasy hair and regrowth reminds me of the Westie Boys I went to high school with, but the ensemble is very much in keeping with the fun experimentation going on in menswear right now, and that cool teens who are not afraid to stand up hug them. out or be seen to be embracing fashion. -ZWA

Best Meg Stalter

If you’ve seen her character-based TikTok clips, or her performance as Kayla, the wealthy and frankly incompetent assistant at Hacks, you’ll surely know that Meg Stalter is a complete mood.

That’s how I would also describe the outfit he wore in his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well. The silk babydoll dress, loafers with socks, high ponytail and neon bag combined with the most LA accessory of all, a can of La Croix cigar: it’s quite a state of mind.

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