This startup proposes not to get cold without spending a lot of light: you just have to set up some of its servers in your neighborhood

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Keeping the house warm in winter and not getting cold, but without spending money on energy is a somewhat complicated mission. A british startupHowever, it is developing an idea that aims to take advantage of the waste heat from data centers to maintain the temperature of houses and businesses.

Deep Green, which is what the company is called, note that your proposal of domestic and commercial heating is designed for neighborhoods or companies that have urban systems based on the circulation of hot water. The idea, they say, is effective for heating swimming pools, neighborhoods and industries.

Cheap heating in exchange for server space

The startup’s calculations indicate that its system can save users who adopt it more than a 50% in energy. Deep Green, as he explains, is in charge of installing its servers and also takes charge of their electricity consumption in advance.

It also adapts existing heating systems to work with its so-called “digital boilers”. These consist of the servers submerged in a special substance that traps heat. Then an exchanger comes into play that allows the heat to be used.

Up to this point the promise is very attractive, but the truth is that those interested must meet a series of requirements to sign up. These consist of providing physical space necessary for the installation of the servers, part of the network infrastructure and high-speed connectivity.

Green Deep Hardware

These requirements are probably not so easy to achieve, but the company seeks to encourage those interested. “If your network or connectivity infrastructure requires an upgrade, we offer low-interest loans to cover these costs and make hosting a unit as easy and cost-effective as possible.”

From The Next Web point because Deep Green’s data centers will be used by its external clients for tasks related to machine learning. That is, a system artificial intelligence that allows it to learn and improve autonomously through neural networks and deep learning.

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The project has begun to take its first steps in the United Kingdom. So far, a dozen interested parties have signed up, with a gym in Devon County being the first to receive the digital boilers. He is using them to heat his pool and therefore spend less money on energy.

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