This Star Fox-inspired spaceship shooter is coming soon to Switch and PC

One of the characters is an adorable axolotl

We have good news for fans of shooting games and ships, since the release date of FUR Squadron on Nintendo Switch and PC, so all those interested will be able to start their flight next March.

One of the characters is an adorable axolotl

If you haven’t heard about this title, let us tell you that its responsible is the Raptor Claw team, who has already released this game on mobile devices, and now it is preparing for its release on the hybrid console and Steam.

One of the points that most attracts the attention of this indie title is its immense resemblance to starfox, Nintendo saga that has just turned 30 years old. So if you are a loyal fan of said IP, you better take a look at the trailer for FUR Squadron.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, this installment is quite similar to the first starfox, but with a few additional touches of lots of color and style. If that’s not enough, even her main characters give off a sense of having Fox and her friends up close.

It is worth mentioning that, like the Nintendo franchise, this proposal is an adventure on rails, in addition to having a narrative and combat similar to the classic shooting games of the 90s.

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The title will allow you to face an interesting catalog of enemies and final bosses in a total of 6 levels, all to unlock different abilities and enhance the 3 available ship models. You can even choose between 3 difficulty modes.

FUR Squadron It will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, on March 17 and can be yours for $129.99 MXN.

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