This robot with Raspberry Pi scares birds from the pool in a very original way (video)

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No more feathers, bird droppings and food scraps in the pool. Let technology lend you a hand.

Many people have ridden this summer the pool at home. The problem is that it is common for it to be filled with animals that come to drink, bathe, etc. If you don’t like that, you can build yourself the Bird Sweeper: a Raspberry Pi-powered robot that scares birds away by shooting… a stream of water at them.

It may seem a little cruel not to let thirsty animals drink from the pool, but it is true that some birds, like crows or magpies, also dirty it.

The advantage of this robot scares birds it’s not hurting them. Simply scares them with a stream of water.

This is how this robot scares birds away

If you dare to build it, it is very simple, and both instructions and software are available free of charge.

The robot is placed next to the pool, since it extracts the water from it, using a rubber tube and a motor. A motion sensor detects the presence of birds and other animals. A Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ It is in charge of executing the software that launches a jet of water towards the target detected by the sector. You can see it in this video:

An optional camera lets you see which “intruder” gets wet by the camera. It is a cordless robot, since it uses battery. All components are protected from water by a 3D printed casing.

The software is designed so that the robot shoots a stream of water at anything that movesbut it doesn’t seem complicated to alter it and use the camera with animal recognition software.

Thus You could only wet the birds, for example, letting the dog or the cat of the house pass.

It is a simple robot to manufacture, which can save you a lot of trouble, if you have a pool in the garden.

If you are interested in Github and in this one PDF you have all the information, including components, 3D printer case printing, software, and a step by step to build The Bird Sweeper, the robot with Raspberry Pi that scares the birds away from the pool by shooting them with a stream of water.

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