This is what happens if you search "plin plin plin" in Youtube

This is what happens if you search "plin plin plin" in Youtube

First of all, I have to tell you that this is not a joke. Today is a difficult day in Spain because they can sneak you an innocentbut here we go with truthful and tremendously useful information, like the one we have below.

yuotube It is the second largest online search engine, being Google’s own search engine the first and, like it, allows us to discover trends and very interesting things with a series of precise searches. But it also has its little tricks, its sets of words to “reveal” certain results.

The point is that I would never have imagined that searching for “plin plin plon” on YouTube would come up… well, what I got.

I have to admit that I had no idea about this until a friend told me about it. I guess he just found out too and has come running like “man, look for plin plin plon on Youtube”.

The truth is that I thought he was kidding methat I was going to get some nonsense, some NSFW content (thankfully telecommuting) or any of the millions of bullshit that there are on YouTube.

What I least expected was that tears would come to my eyes. If you haven’t played Dark Souls, you won’t even know what I’m talking about and you’ll only see a video of a piano song… and little else. But if you’ve played the From Software title, the teardrop is sure to appear.

It is the theme that plays as soon as we pass the fog door of the last boss, Gwyn The Lord of Ash. It is a melancholic theme (Jaime Altozano has a great analysis of the soundtrack of the game) that sums up the desperation of the world in which we have invested dozens of hours of play.

And apart from that, I find it fascinating that with the onomatopoeia of the first three notes of the piano melody the theme appears and not some meme related to anything else. Finally, do it in PS5on Xbox Series, on PC or on Steam DeckIf you haven’t played Dark Souls… give it a try.

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