This is the new daily limit for Bing Smart Chat queries

This is the new daily limit for Bing Smart Chat queries

After having been in the shadow of Google, the search engine Bing is reaching heights of success that have never been seen in its history, and that is due to its compatibility with ChatGPT artificial intelligence, including intelligent features that many users are already testing.

But as is the case with every new technology, since it is not fully debugged, different controversial issues can arise, and in long interactions with Bing’s intelligent chat, the artificial intelligence He was giving a series of somewhat controversial responses.

To tackle the problem, what Microsoft did was limit the number of queries that we could make in the chat based on artificial intelligence, until they debugged it a little more.

These limitations were revealed a week ago and obviously didn’t sit well with users who were testing this smart new feature.

Well, just a week later, Mikhail ParakhinMicrosoft’s head of advertising and web services, tweeted that a new daily limit of 100 queries has been included as part of the big update to the chatbot.

An almost unlimited number of queries

It should be clarified that last week they were limited to 50 queries, a few days later it improved to 60 queries and now to 100, with which the interaction with this chatbot Bing Smart is unlimited.

In addition, Microsoft has also clarified that those queries related to the SERP, that is, the search results that came from the smart chatthey no longer count toward this new daily query limit.

In this way, it seems that Microsoft has hit the key, and it is likely that this current limit will be increased more in the short term.

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