This is the meaning of the symbols on the PlayStation controller, and yes, you are using them wrong

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It is very likely that you have been misnaming each of the buttons of the different PlayStation controllers. Each of them has its own name, and you will be surprised to find out its true meaning.

For almost 25 years, gamers around the world have used the PlayStation controller to enjoy their favorite video games, which is equipped with a series of buttons that represent different actions in the game.

During all this time, we know that the symbols are represented by the Triangle, Square, Circle and X, but many of us have been calling one of the buttons incorrectly. Did you know that the main button is not called “X”?

The true meaning of the symbols on the PlayStation controller

When teiyu gotoa designer for Sony, developed the controls for PlayStationdecided to give a special meaning to each of the symbols present.

Let’s start with the square button, which actually represents a piece of paper or documents. Goto explained that this symbol was chosen to represent game-related menus or documents and given a distinctive pink color.

On the other hand, the triangular symbol has a more intriguing meaning, and that is that the Japanese designer revealed that it presents the head of a person as point of view. This is a visual representation of the player’s direction or gaze within the game. It was painted green to convey that idea.

As for the circle and x buttons, they are the most recognized by all gamers, but their true meanings may surprise many. Goto explained that the circle represents the affirmation or decision-making of “yes”while the x is not called that, but actually its real name is cross.

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Cross (X) represents the denial or the choice of “no”. The colors red and blue were assigned to each respectively to further emphasize these options for players.

In summary, the meanings of the symbols of the PlayStation controller:

  • Square: Represents a piece of paper or documents related to the game.
  • Triangle: Symbolizes the head of a person as a point of view or direction.
  • Circle: Represents self-decision making.
  • Cross: Represents the decision-making of no.

It is surprising that after almost a quarter of a century using the controls, from the first generation of the console to the playstation 5we have finally figured out the meanings behind the symbols on the controller.

The next time you play with a Sony console controller, remember the true names and what each of these geometric representations represent.

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