This is how the "elon mode" from Tesla that activates absolute autonomous driving

This is how the "elon mode" from Tesla that activates absolute autonomous driving

Tesla’s “Elon Mode” has just come to light thanks to a hacker and is the example of how absolute autonomous driving works and without human interaction in these electric vehicles.

Tesla’s “Elon Mode” Just Revolutionized Social Media. It has been a hacker who has discovered that the South African tycoon’s cars have a specific mode with the same name as the owner of Twitter and it is special that autonomous driving is fully activated without any restrictions.

Tesla electric vehicles are characterized by their intelligence. This feature gives them some autonomy while driving, but it is not full control of the vehicle. In fact, Tesla’s autonomous driving is still in development due to all the implications it entails for users.

How was the “Elon Mode” discovered? It has been thanks to the hacker specialized in Tesla known on Twitter as Green. This person has explained in a thread in detail what the “Elon Mode” means for the autonomous driving of Tesla vehicles and how it translates to Full Self-Driving Autopilot mode.

What are the advantages of the “Elon Mode”? What this hacker has commented is that Tesla’s “Elon Mode” exceeds the level of control autonomy compared to Full Self-Driving Autopilot, being the main reason for this. the elimination of being attentive to driving or having to perform actions with the steering wheel to indicate to the vehicle that it is attentive.

Tesla’s “Elon Mode” has just been discovered thanks to a hacker

It is completely unknown if this will be the final name of this Tesla driving mode. The interesting thing is to see all the tests that the hacker has carried out, even publishing videos in which you can see how the Tesla vehicle drives without any help from the steering wheel.

Elon Musk has not commented on it, neither has Tesla. The autonomous driving mode is still in the spotlight. In recent years, Tesla electric vehicles have been involved in a series of questionable situations and, in some cases, have left fatalities.

“Elon Mode” is a kind of god mode for Tesla cars. We will have to wait to see if this driving mode becomes a reality, although Elon Musk himself announced last year that a completely autonomous driving mode would arrive. Full Self-Driving Autopilot mode may be just around the corner for all supported Tesla cars.

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