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This is how Microsoft’s Bing search engine works with ChatGPT

This is how Microsoft's Bing search engine works with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, from the OpenAI company, now integrates with the famous Bing search engine, from Microsoft. This is a bet to allow a wide search offer.

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This ‘chatbot’ is a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool (programs capable of producing text, images, sound, video…). Initially, OpenAI launched it as a ‘chat’ for real-time customer support.

With the union between Bing and ChatGPT, when entering a request, the tool responds based on data that it previously consulted and therefore will be current. Furthermore, as reported, youare also included references and citations in the search.

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This new update is available only to users who have the Bing plus plan. Enabling the free plan is expected in the future, the technology company said.

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It should be noted that, before the integration, Bing already had a ‘chatbot’, the Bing chat. However, this was based on GPT version 4, and Normal ChatGPT has version 3.5.

Additionally, OpenAI mentions that with the alliance with Microsoftthe tool will be able to carry out more complex tasks, such as ‘online’ purchases or making reservations according to the user’s instructions.

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