This is how Joaquín Prat has spoken about the wedding of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva

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“Here they are already revolutionized”, this is how the television Joaquín Prat began in the Ana Rosa Program a few seconds after starting. “Of course, today we are going to talk about the wedding. You don’t know what was last week…”, Patricia Pardo released to the presenter about the ceremony of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva in an analysis that has sarcastically started several darts at the groom, although not as many as expected.

In fact, it could be said that this Monday has dawned a fairly permissive Prat with Onieva. “These three days of celebration of what they call the wedding of the year, highlight the triumph of love because it is true that one can make mistakes before formalizing and the kid is making amends,” Prat released, but not before being interrupted by the comments of the collaborators where a “for a million euros” could be heard in the background after the words of the television.

There will be a vote of confidence”, Joaquín said, although the darts were not directed at the businessman. The presenter has had words for Onieva’s family. “What strikes me the most is that his family has not wanted to participate or participate as little as possible, in the photographs and in the public exhibition,” said the host of the program.

“Not everyone likes to participate in circuses. This is the business, the business of the century, which seems very good to me”, assured Esther Esteban.

Criticism has also been directed at the mother of the groom, in terms of styling, since it seems that Pardo was not convinced by the look that the mother of the groom wore to the celebration. “The one with the boyfriend’s mother,” says Pardo. “What happens is that she is rarely seen in the exclusive. She looks at it sideways, ”says Prat after the exclusives of Hello!

Reactions to Tamara’s dresses

Of course, the reactions of television to the commented dress of the Marquise de Griñón could not be missing, which received congratulations and various comments about it. Prat reveals that Isabel Preysler’s daughter had two dresses.

At night it got steamier”, he comments. Her partner makes it clear after the analysis that this second dress was “very Carolina Herrera” with a fairly clear Brown in her favorite at the gala. “The first, because in his line, classic cut, a bit sober, reminds me of Letizia Ortizto that of the queen”.

Tamara’s dress was also one of the most talked about aspects during the preparation of the ceremony. The ups and downs and misfortunes suffered by the bride were worthy of the most surreal episodes of a soap opera that, finally, has been left with a happy ending.

In fact, Tamara’s dream dress had been inspired by the piece by Carolina Herrera. “She presented it in black with gold details. In Tamara’s the neckline is more open, V-shaped and half-sleeved”.

“This one is much more modern than the white he’s wearing. Given that she is very classic, she could have asked for this black in white because that’s how Game of Thrones seems to me,” says one of the collaborators about the Marquise de Griñón’s dress. “It’s not a copy, but it will have gotten the idea from this dress. Tamara’s shape is more 60’s”, he concludes.

After years of waiting for the much-desired encounter at the altar, the couple have had to face infidelity, months of reconciliation and even even a candle that almost set the priest himself on fire at the altar to say a definitive ‘I do’ in front of all his family and friends.

Íñigo apologizes at the wedding

The wedding leaves several headlines. The most interesting, those of the bride and groom themselves. Thus, the Marquise de Griñón confessed to the magazine the feelings that went through her head when she approached the groom towards the altar. “I thought ‘how lucky she was’ and when I saw Íñigo I thought ‘my husband’,” Falcó said.

For his part, the groom also spoke after the event and apologized again to all the guests. “Dear in-laws, I want to apologize again. I know that in the request we said that the past remains in the past, that we look to the future, but I have made you suffer for my mistakes”, said the businessman at the event.

“Dear in-laws, I want to apologize again. I know that in the request we said that the past stays in the past, that we look to the future, but I have made you suffer for my mistakes

Now the couple, according to the information of the morning itself by the hand of the collaborator Paloma Barrientos, will go to their long-awaited honeymoon that could last up to a month. “I was betting on a trip to Alaska because like the other they have already done it on their pre-marital trip,” says Barrientos.

The collaborator also stresses that one of the honeymoon destinations will be Australia. “They just confirmed it to me”, added the tertullian.

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