This Chinese tablet of only 161 euros is ideal for playing games, watching series and even for working

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If you want an economical but complete tablet, there is one from Teclast that meets all of this.

In 2022, tablets are still a very good option for many users, especially to watch series and movies anywhere, although there are models that are so complete and powerful that they are used for more things.

However, models such as the Apple iPad or the Xiaomi Pad 5 almost always cost more than 300 euros, so it’s time to get some more affordable alternatives, and few cheaper than one that Amazon has now reduced to only €161: the Teclast M40 Pro.

Its price is 169 euros, but Amazon maintains a discount coupon that reduces it by 30 eurosso it is today at what is surely its lowest historical price.

Teclast M40 Pro

Obviously it is a Chinese entry-level tablet, but for example It boasts 10.1″ size and Full HD resolution, which is not bad at all. Not only that, but it also has 128 GB of storage internal, much more than is usual in cheaper tablets.

One detail is that it has 4G connectivity, so it doesn’t totally depend on WiFi, although to connect to the mobile network you’re obviously going to need a SIM with data.

The processor is a UNISOC T618 Octa Core, a discreet chip that can run a good part of the games available on Androidnot the most demanding in GPU but those that use 2D and 3D graphics discreetly.

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That said, with the advent of cloud gaming services like Microsoft xCloud, the power of these devices, which can remotely run games on Microsoft servers, is becoming increasingly irrelevant, something that was totally unthinkable until recently.

With all this, it is a good option for tighter budgets looking for acceptable performance and basic features.

Although we are talking about a low-cost Chinese tablet, it is sold by Amazon with express shipping from Spain and the three-year guarantee established by law. In just 1-2 days you can have it at home if you have an Amazon Prime account, and if not, you can take advantage of sign up for the free trial month.

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