This anime-style game will return to consoles soon

It's time to start an unforgettable journey

We have good news for all fans of platform and adventure games, since this week it was confirmed that Forgotton Anne will return to consoles to offer an adventure with a unique artistic style.

It’s time to start an unforgettable journey

If you had not heard of this title, let us tell you that it is a work created by ThroughLine Games and initially published by Square Enix Collective, who offered an experience with a rather striking artistic style that was surely to the taste of all fans of classic anime .

now and after Forgotton Anne It was withdrawn in May 2022 due to a copyright problem, it was confirmed that it will be in the middle of this month when the community can enjoy it again.

Here you can see a trailer of the game:

As you could see, Forgotton Anne is a cinematic adventure with a remarkable storytelling, where you will put yourself in the shoes of Anne, the one in charge of maintaining order in the Forgotten Lands and who will set out to put down a rebellion that could prevent her and her master from returning to the human world.

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It is worth mentioning that in this relaunch ThroughLine Games will be in charge of distributing it, for which the study announced that it will be available from next February 13 on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Will you give the game a chance in its relaunch? Tell us in the comments.

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