They use a toilet to build a gaming PC; It is used to play and to do your needs

PC gamer while meditating on the throne

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The world of the Internet is full of strange things that we never expect to see. Today we are facing one of them and it is that a subject decided to take his gaming experience to another level by creating a computer in a toilet. Best of all, it’s not only a gaming PC that works, it also keeps up with its toilet chore.

The creator of this technological advance is Basically Homeless, who joined forces with the Microcenter store to create something that would leave everyone speechless. That is how he decided that the best way to fulfill the mission was to combine a gaming PC with a toilet. In this way you can play while you do your business without having to move your Switch or your Steam Deck since everyone knows what to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at 120 fps is essential to finish the digestive process.

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PC gamer while meditating on the throne

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So, he took the toilet from his house and separated the tank into 2 parts. One of them destined to store the water that is used to dispose of the waste and the other to keep all the components safe. It is worth mentioning that it is a transparent wall so that you can see your PC working while you see the water go to the toilet bowl.

It is worth mentioning that making this wall was not easy. In fact, Basically Homeless failed on his first try, so he had to find an extremely powerful sealer to prevent water from ruining his computer components.

The above makes it clear to us that the construction of this project was a truly memorable learning process. Especially since the youtuber ended up learning a lot about pipes and about cutting porcelain. So not only did he end up with a one-of-a-kind computer and a video that will go viral, now he can also fix his toilet whenever necessary.

You can see the making of this gaming PC toilet below:

What did you think of this computer? Is it the strangest computer you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comments.

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