They use a Pokémon card to threaten a person in the United Kingdom

The car was full of paint

Pokemon is one of the most important franchises in entertainment and every day we learn of new cases in which it serves as an inspiration for fans. However, it is not always positive and now an unfortunate case has just been reported in which one person used a letter to threaten another.

As you probably know, one of the greatest temptations for collectors of Pokemon They are the TCGs, which are very popular and can cost enormous amounts of money.

The car was full of paint

However, there are some confused fans who use them to do other types of actions. A good example is a case shared by the English newspaper Daily Mailwhere Ingrid, a woman from Hampshire, UK, has been the victim of vandalism since last October.

These attacks have targeted his car, which ends up covered in white paint. However, the last of them against his Volkswagen Beetle, added a different detail: a letter from Pokemon which served as a threat.

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According to the information shared, this letter is that of a Klink with the “Ask for Reinforcements” movement, which would be understood as the aggressor suggesting that the victim seek help.

This is the letter that was left in the car
This is the letter that was left in the car

It is worth mentioning that, so far, the identity of the vandal is unknown. Strangest of all, police believe the suspect got the wrong car, as he wrote Donna’s name on it. Who is Donna? Ingrid’s neighbor.

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