They show an impressive new trailer for Honkai: Star Rail

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We continue with all the news presented at the Opening Night Live! of gamescom 2022, an event in which they talked about Honkai: StarRaila game that showed an interesting trailer that all RPG fans will surely like.

This proposal is about a completely new strategy RPG title in the series Hong Kongwhich will take gamers on an adventure through the stars, so those responsible at HOYOVERSE wanted to give a sample of everything it will offer.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, Honkai: StarRail It will take you on a cosmic adventure full of exciting and strategic combat, all while discovering the secrets of the Fragmentum with your team and living an immersive experience.

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It is worth mentioning that those responsible for the game have not yet confirmed for which platforms the game will be available, so we will have to be aware of any news.

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