They show a horrible official Mario Bros. skin released decades ago

Mario doesn't deserve something like this

If there is a company that takes great care of its franchises, it is undoubtedly Nintendo, which has always respected its most popular IPs. However, it seems that there was a time when their quality filters were not so demanding. A good example of this is an official skin from Mario Bros. that looks scary.

Mario doesn’t deserve something like this

As you surely remember, Nintendo was somewhat jealous with its sagas throughout history. Despite this, there were some exceptions where the company allowed its franchises to be used.

However, there were times when the results obtained left much to be desired, as in the first Mario movie and with an official plumber mask released in the early 90s.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, the image of this strange object was shared by the Mario Broth Blog account on Twitter, where they point out that the mask was released in 1990 and has the official Nintendo license.

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It is worth mentioning that the person responsible for this mask was the team at Topstone Industries Inc., a company that specialized in costume items, including masks and wigs.

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However, and according to the information shared, this collectible distributed few units and it is currently quite difficult to get one, although we doubt that there are many interested in it.

What do you think of this Mario mask? Tell us in the comments.

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