they rescued a Turkish woman after a week. For the UN there are more than 50,000 deaths

Other news of the day: a Chinese expert calls for birth incentives to revive the economy; call for the release of Afghan women’s rights activist Parisa Mubariz, detained by the Taliban; the Burmese military regime provides firearms permits to citizens “loyal” to the state; Russian Orthodox magazine supports the excommunication of 300 priests who had called for an end to the war in Ukraine.


This morning, rescuers pulled alive from the rubble sibel kaya, a 40-year-old woman from Gaziantep province. Meanwhile, the official number of victims in Turkey and Syria continues to rise and exceeds 33,000 dead, although some sources already speak of 40,000. The head of the crisis unit of the United NationsMartin Griffiths, estimated a final figure of more than 50 thousand.


Wang Pei’an, director of the China Family Association, told the third Development Forum that Beijing should establish birth incentives and support families to increase the birth rate, whose decline threatens the economy. Employment, health, housing and social security are the sectors where it must intervene. In 2022 the population decreased for the first time in 60 years.


The UN special rapporteur for Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, called for the immediate and unconditional release of Parisa Mubariz, women’s rights activist. The feminist leader, originally from the province of Takhar, in the north of the country, was arrested by the Taliban on February 11 after a demonstration by women in the area to demand the right to education and work.


A mob stormed a police station and lynched a man who was being held for a alleged case of blasphemy. The victim is Muhammad Waris, a 20-year-old who ended up in a cell for allegedly desecrating the Koran in Nankana Sahib, in Punjab province. The attackers bludgeoned the suspect to death and then attempted to burn the body.


The military regime in Myanmar will allow civilians “loyal to the state” to apply for licenses to carry weapons. The statement, reproduced by the media, establishes new criteria for obtaining permission. Experts and critics fear that it could escalate violence by groups loyal to the ruling junta and exacerbate already bloody daily clashes between the military and rebel or pro-democracy movements.


The popular Russian Orthodox magazine Fire of Grace has published several articles calling for the excommunication of some 300 priests of the Moscow Patriarchate who in March 2022 had signed an appeal to end the war in Ukraine. They were branded as “liberal priests traitors to the fatherland, who stabbed the Russian army in the back and supported the Nazis.”


Kazakhstani journalists have started collecting signatures against the new media law that is being debated in the Astana parliament. According to critics, the text is completely different from the one that was discussed with representatives of the press and society, and leaves all regulatory decisions to the discretion of official bodies.

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