They report the discovery of at least 27 bodies in several clandestine graves in Tamaulipas

( Spanish) — The Collective Love for the Disappeared in Tamaulipas, reported on Monday the discovery of at least 27 bodies in various clandestine graves in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Edith González, a member of the Amor por los Desaparecidos in Tamaulipas group, said that so far 27 bodies have been found in approximately 20 graves. These findings were made in the last four days, Gonzáles added.

The group Love for the Disappeared in Tamaulipas did not say how they managed to find the whereabouts of these clandestine graves in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

has tried to contact Amor por los Desaparecidos en Tamaulipas to ask how they found the location of the graves without getting a response so far.

So far, neither the state authorities of the state of Tamaulipas nor the prosecutor’s office have issued a report on the discovery made by the group Amor por los Desaparecidos de Tamaulipas.

The Tamaulipas State Prosecutor’s Office responded to a request to report that they are conducting investigations and work in the area and therefore cannot yet rule on the discovery of these clandestine graves.

This is developing news.

— Fidel Gutierrez contributed to this report.

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