They publish a new video of British Conservative Party personnel at a party in the midst of a pandemic

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June 17 () –

This Saturday the British newspaper ‘The Mirror’ has published a new recording of Conservative Party personnel celebrating a party without any type of protection measure in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is from a December 2020 Christmas party where ruling party workers dance, drink and joke about coronavirus restrictions. Up to 24 people were at the party of which nine appear in the video, according to ‘The Mirror’.

At one point, one of the attendees asks the camera “Are you recording it?” and another person responds “It’s for the party. To wear it at the party.” Another one interrupts with “Direct on Instagram!”. The first of them intervenes again: “As long as it is not broadcast live that we are breaking the rules…”.

From the Conservative Party they have responded that “disciplinary actions” have already been taken against four of the party leaders who participated in a party on December 14, 2020.

From the opposition, Angela Rayner, has criticized that those attending the party “openly mocked the rules” and recalled that at least two of them have received an honorary recognition, “a nauseating insult.”

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from his seat in Parliament before the Privileges Committee concluded that he had repeatedly lied about his parties during the Partygate lockdown.

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