They manage to integrate a USB-C port next to the Lightning of an iPhone 12 mini

They manage to integrate a USB-C port next to the Lightning of an iPhone 12 mini

It is not the first time that we see how a user with technical knowledge has been able to replace the Lightning port with a USB-C, as was the case with the modified iPhone X that sold for $86,000 on eBay. Likewise, Apple already confirmed at the time that it would make the transition to USB-C, not because it wanted to, but because the law finally obliges the manufacturer to put a modern connector on its terminals.

However, all the efforts that have been seen in this direction have focused on replacing one connector with another, which is why what we see today is special. As we see in the video below these lines, a USB-C port has been integrated next to the Lightning port of the iPhone 12 mini.

Best of all, both ports are functional, allowing both terminal charging and the use of wired headphones on both ports. which makes it clear that any suspicion of incompatibility of USB-C ports with iPhones is simply a myth.

Undoubtedly, the difficulties that this has presented may not be worth it, since the internal hardware of the terminal has even had to be reorganized to have the two ports, but it is a proof of concept more than anything else.

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