They inspect an institute and discover a secret cryptocurrency farm

A Massachusetts institute has spent a year and a half with smart lights on 24 hours a day, because they can't turn them off

The director of the Institute Cohassetfrom Massachusetts, was conducting a inspection ordinary building, when he discovered a hidden cryptocurrency farm on almost inaccessible foundations. Who had set that up?

The story begins in December 2021. The director from the institute was checking the classrooms, as he did from time to time.

According to the local mediaupon reaching a secluded area, full of tubes and difficult to access, observed “electrical cables, temporary conduits and numerous computers that seemed out of place“.

A hidden cryptocurrency farm in high school

He called the computer scientist at the town hall, who confirmed that it was a cryptocurrency farm. The mining devices were hidden behind the tubes and columns of the building, and the cables ran inside the tubes themselves, to hide them.

The secret cryptocurrency farm was connected to the institute electrical system, so it was consuming electricity from the school itself. She had been installed there to have free electricity and take all the profits.

Mining cryptocurrencies consumes a lot of electricity, so many cryptocurrency farms clandestinely connect to the electricity grid, so as not to pay the bill. He total cost of electricity who consumed this crypto farm It amounts to $18,000.

The normal thing would be to look for the culprits among the smartest students. But cohasset institute has students between 12 and 17 yearsso it is unlikely that they were involved, because a cryptocurrency farm like the one you can see in the opening photo, costs several thousand euros.

After three months of investigation, the police charged Nadeam Nahasa city ​​worker 39-year-old who was dedicated to fixing things in the town hall buildings.

Nahas did not appear at the trial, further raising suspicions of guilt. This municipal employee was in search and capture, until a few days ago he turned himself in to the police.

Nadeam Nahas, the city ​​worker who installed a hidden cryptocurrency farm in a Institutewill be accused of vandalize a schooland of fraudulent use of electricity. He’s going to get a big fine, and who knows if he’s going to jail for fleeing from justice.

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