They do not forgive! Players criticize Nvidia for the default of the RTX 4090

They do not forgive!  Players criticize Nvidia for the default of the RTX 4090

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Nvidia does not live its best moment before the PC gaming community. The company’s decisions and position during and after the pandemic have infuriated gamers and the most recent controversy has to do with a defect in the RTX 4090 that is causing connectors to melt that can compromise users’ equipment. It is precisely that same community that criticized and mocked the company on reddit.

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The PC community attacks Nvidia by default of the RTX 4090

reddit users (via The Gamer) criticized and mocked Nvidia’s current situation with the RTX 4090 line after reports warning of melting connectors due to overheating and after a specialist pointed out that the fault has to do with the wiring plug. The community ironically considered that the only way an RTX 4090 can work is by putting a cable on it like the one included in a microwave oven, others proposed that it connect directly to the electrical outlet and some pointed out the consequences of making such powerful hardware dependent on such a lousy cable.

Such a powerful GPU, compromised by a wiring detail

Recently, the specialist who analyzed the RTX 4090 discovered that the connector plug has a very poor quality copper solder cover and is unable to adequately respond to movements made with the wiring, specifically those close to the terminal. According to his report, this causes the cover to crack, and the passage of current is reduced to the cables and pins that survived after the bend, which results in overheating and subsequent melting.

According to what the community writes, there are some gamers who will wait to see what Nvidia has to say on the matter as they fear that the installation process will not only ruin their GPU (not cheap) but also their PCs (total disaster). Others noted that the GPU works fine so far but have opted to play short sessions or less demanding games as they are concerned about overheating.

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