They create a technology for drones capable of making them better than human beings

They create a technology for drones capable of making them better than human beings

A secret technology that the United States military is using to make drones much more intelligent.

Drones are one of those inventions that are used in many segments, including entertainment but also in war, and yet in the war in Ukraine they are very present.

and now a company has created a specific artificial intelligence guidance system for droneswhich allows them to identify targets better than humans.

This technology, which is being included in US drones, uses artificial intelligence, capable of identifying objects on the ground better than humans.

In this way, artificial intelligence can distinguish between uniforms, weapons, even interpret signals from soldiers.

This technology is in charge of Athena AIan Australian company, which says its artificial intelligence It will help human drone operators who may lose concentration after many hours of drone use.

The AI ​​will do much of the heavy lifting for them. You can search, identify and locate objects on the ground, as well as check if an object is in a no attack area and the risk of collateral damage”, points out Stephen Bornstein from Athena AI.

For military purposes

They are currently working with Red Cat, an American company that provides drones to the United States military to implement this technology.

In a video from the company itself, the artificial intelligence is shown identifying and tracking tanks and other military vehicles, as well as people.

You can check if people are wearing a particular type of uniform, are carrying weapons, and are showing signs of surrender“, Add.

Thanks to this, the technology can warn the operator not to attack invalid targets, thus improving results and complying with the Geneva Convention Standards for the humanitarian use of new weapons.

We have worked extensively with military legal officers and have gone through extensive scientific testing, which has shown that our system performed better than a human in identifying targets and non-targets in dynamic targeting scenarios, and resulted in a better outcome. legal than human operators alonesays Bornstein.

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