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These are the most profitable neighborhoods to invest in Bogotá

Ranking of the annual profitability of the neighborhoods in Bogotá

In recent yearsbuying a home has become one of the most reliable investments mainly because of the security it provides in times of economic uncertainty, and the profitability it can generate in the medium and long term.

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The most important thing, then, is to calculate how long it will take to recover the investment when leasing the property and compare this figure with reference values.

Next, we present the ranking of the annual profitability of neighborhoods in Bogotá, according to Properati, a platform specializing in real estate consulting.

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The neighborhood Freedom, in Barrios Unidos, ranks first in the ranking with an average annual return of 9.6%; follows him Rome at Kennedy with 8.5% per year.

The following neighborhoods that complete the top 5 are Lago Gaitán (Chapinero), La Laguna Fontibón (Fontibón) and Villa Elisa (Suba) with a profitability that varies between 8.4% and 8.1%.

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Ranking of the annual profitability of the neighborhoods in Bogotá


These places are presented as the ideal options when buying a home and then renting it, because with current prices the investment will be recovered between 10 and 12 years.”, Martín Hoyos, Properati sales manager.

It is worth noting that this analysis was based on the annual return formula that establishes the profit that a person would earn when renting their home in one year in relation to the sale price.

What happens in Chapinero?

The price per square meter in Chapinero ranges between $3,555,000 and $18,045,000. Lago Gaitán is the cheapest neighborhood and El Retiro the most expensive.

The most profitable neighborhoods in Chapinero to buy an apartment and put it up for rent are Lago Gaitán (8.4%), El Bagazal (6.9%), Quinta Camacho (5.9%), La Cabrera (5.9%) and Chapinero Central (5.8%). Since, these neighborhoods offer to recover the capital, on average, from 12 to 17 years.


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