These are the holidays and bridges in Colombia for 2023

These are the holidays and bridges in Colombia for 2023

( Spanish) — Colombia will have 20 holidays in 2023, two more than in 2022.

The official holidays in Colombia are marked by the ‘Emiliani’ law or law 51 of 1983 as non-working days.

Some remain on their original date and others, by regulation, are moved to Monday. In 2023, in fact, a total of 13 public holidays fall on Monday.

There are two months without official holidays: February and September. The largest number is concentrated in April, when Easter is celebrated and there are four dates marked as holidays that do not move to Monday. In most months there are two holidays.

Holidays in Colombia in 2023


Sunday 1: New Year

Monday 9: Three Kings Day


There are no fixed holidays.


Monday 20: St. Joseph’s Day


Sunday 2: Palm Sunday

Thursday 6: Holy Thursday

Friday the 7th: Holy Friday

Sunday 9: Easter Sunday


Monday 1: Workday

Monday 22: ascension day


Monday 12: Corpus Christi

Monday 19: Sacred heart


Monday 3: Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Thursday 20: Independence Day


Monday 7: Boyaca’s battle

Monday 21: the assumption of the virgin


There are no holidays.


Monday 16: Day of race


Monday 6: All Saints

Monday 13: Independence of Cartagena


Friday, 8: Immaculate Conception’s Day

Monday 25: Christmas day

Payments on Colombian holidays

The law 51 of 1983 establishes that all workers in the public and private sectors will have the right to “paid rest” on official holidays.

In addition, it sets which 10 holidays are moved to the Monday following the date on which they fall on the calendar.

The law is commonly known as Emiliano after Raimundo Emiliani Román, a politician who served as a congressman, minister and ambassador and who proposed the reform of the Labor Code to establish the holiday system that has been in force since the 1980s.

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