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These are the changes you have to make to your diet to live 10 more years

These are the changes you have to make to your diet to live 10 more years

Do you want to increase your life expectancy by a decade? Leaving accidents and genetic or unavoidable diseases aside, if you follow these tips you will achieve it.

The United States is one of the few First World countries where life expectancy is declining. In part due to feeding. Its culinary culture is not the healthiest in the world, and the pandemic has increased the problems.

A study conducted in Norway and published in PLOS Medicine has detailed what foods we should eat to increase our life expectancy by a decade.

According to the health website VeryWellfitthis study has used a food model calculator that estimates life expectancy with a series of dietary options, to identify Foods that help lengthen the age.

The results are no surprise, especially for those of us who follow the Mediterranean diet. But it is worth remembering it, so that we do not forget what we must do.

According to the aforementioned study, the key to living 10 more years is to consume more legumes, more whole grains and more nuts, With Less red and processed meat.

Changes in diet can have a considerable impact, not only on health throughout life, but can also significantly increase lifespan“, says the main researcher, Dr. Lars Fadnes, professor at the University of Bergen (Norway). “Even for the elderly, the gains would be smaller but substantial“.

Legumes provide soluble fiber, quality protein and micronutrients such as zinc, calcium and iron. They are also resistant starches, which help regulate blood sugar.

The study also recommends reduce sugar intake, exercise more, and eat more fruit.

In short, nothing we don’t know. But that few people put into practice 100%. This Norwegian investigation not only reminds us, but also, calculates the increase in life expectancy: a decade. A good reason to start changing our habits!

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