These are the brands of cars used by people with high IQ

Quick challenge: only if you have a high IQ will you be able to solve the riddle of this image

The ScrapCarComparison price comparator has published a controversial surveywhere he has associated the Car Brandswith the intelligence quotient his users. Drivers of German cars and electric vehicles do not fare very well…

according to account Auto Bildthe British comparator ScrapCarComparison took an intelligence test 2,024 drivers, monitored by the Censuswide institute. Then he asked them what brand of car they drove.

To understand the results it is important to specify that the intelligence quotient (IQ) ranges between 85 and 115, and that only 2.5% are above 130 or below 70.

The drivers with IQ higher are the owners of a Skodawith a IQ of 99. The drivers of suzuki, Peugeot, Mini and Mazda. On the opposite side, the drivers with a lower IQ are the ones that have a Land Roverwith a mean of IQ of 88.58. They are followed by the owners of a Fiat, bmw, Volkswagenand Volvo.

Car brands according to intelligence level

There is more controversial data. The owners of gasoline cars they have a IQ of 93.35while those with a electric car fall to a 90.19.

Not even the colors are saved. if you have a white or gray car, you are an intelligent person. Instead if it is green or silveryou are missing neurons

Before anyone gets offended, it must be said that the conclusions of this survey are quite questionable.

at the time of buy a car cousin, above all, the budget you haveeither Utility What are you going to give him? Here the IQ hardly comes into play. Therefore, it does not make much sense to associate both data.

It should also be taken into account that the survey refers to british drivers, who have certain favorite brands. And with a brand with many drivers, it is more logical that the average causes the IQ to go down.

We are left wanting to know the IQ of the people who voluntarily they don’t have a car. They are possibly the smartest, although not everyone can afford to do without it.

The owners of a Skodaa suzuki or a Peugeot have a higher IQ that those who drive a Land Rover or a Fiatsays a controversial survey. But don’t take it too seriously…

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