These are all the Xbox 360 games that the Xbox LIVE Gold service gave away

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Xbox LIVE Gold is a subscription service that allows members to access online modes of their favorite video games. However, it also offers additional benefits that are undoubtedly very welcome by the community. One of them is the ability to get and download free games every month through the Games with Gold initiative.

Ever wonder what all the Xbox 360 titles were that subscribers to the service were able to download for free? If you answered yes, you’re in luck. We say this because a fan took on the task of making a list that shows all the free video games that were given away through the subscription program.

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Xbox LIVE Gold gave us a lot of hours of fun

Through a publication On the reddit forums, user theoneandonlybiscuit shared an image showing all the Xbox 360 games that made it to the Games With Gold program at some point. Thus, we observe that the first in the list is fable 3which joined the Microsoft service in that distant June of 2013. Then it is followed by gems like Assassin’s Creed 2, Defense Grid Y Dead Rising 2.

Without a doubt, the initiative started off on the right foot and subscribers were able to enjoy very good quality popular proposals. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Xbox LIVE Gold gained great popularity and appreciation among members of the community, despite some ups and downs in a few months.

Image via reddit

The last game on the list is Gate 2, which will be available for free download from September 18 to 30 this year. It’s worth noting that starting in October 2022, subscribers will only receive Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S offerings.

Players will agree that the quality of Games with Gold gifts has dropped considerably in recent years. Month after month, fans express their dissatisfaction with the free games they can download through the program. In fact, there are already those who ask Microsoft to remove the service.

It’s no secret that the company put a lot of its efforts into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, both of which are extremely popular and one of the biggest selling points in the Xbox ecosystem. However, everything seems to indicate that the rise of these services reduced the quality of Games With Gold gifts.

But tell us, which games on the list did you try? Do you think the service quality has decreased in recent years? Let us read your thoughts in the comment box.

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