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The X without clearing in the two million commission of the Ayuso couple: who was the final payer of the masks?

The X without clearing in the two million commission of the Ayuso couple: who was the final payer of the masks?

The 200 pages of the Treasury report that forced Alberto González Amador, partner of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to confess in writing before the Prosecutor's Office two crimes of tax fraud draw a very simple scheme of tax evasion: 15 false invoices for simulate expenses of 1.7 million euros and save 350,000 euros in the declaration of two years in which he had achieved record turnover as a commission agent in the health sector.

The crossing of companies in the journalistic investigation that has carried out since March 12, when the first exclusive on the tax fraud of Ayuso's partner was published, has uncovered the role that González Amador has played in the businesses of González Amador. , Fernando Camino, senior manager of the Quirón group, one of the largest contract winners in the Community of Madrid. Today we know that Camino appears as an administrator in the company that led to the two million euro hit: Mape Asesores, a firm from Pontevedra, was the one that placed the order for 42 million euros in medical supplies from the Catalan company FCS Select Products, the the same that had promised González Amador 4.5% of the total billing of the clients it provided.

According to the Treasury investigation, the only client that Ayuso's partner brought to FCS was Mape, the firm in which his friend and mentor in the Quirón group is an administrator. The relationship between the two went back a long way: the two met in the mutual insurance sector and when he arrived at Quirón Camino he opened the doors of the group to González Amador, who started as a consultant doing quality seal certifications. In the last decade, Camino also opened a company in Panama that was used by González Amador until 2022 shortly before the Treasury inspection began. And Camino was also the one who sold González Amador a company without employees or clients that Ayuso's partner would end up using as a front company, as revealed by the Treasury inspection.

Based on González Amador's confession – “two crimes have certainly been committed against the Public Treasury,” his lawyer wrote to the Prosecutor's Office –, the modus operandi is clear: a company from Catalonia, the same one that sold more than 240 million euros in material to the Government of Spain (something that seemed suspicious to the PP of Madrid, even though these operations do not involve commission agents), he paid two million to González Amador for the order that a company managed by his friend Fernando Camino performed during the worst of the pandemic.

But since Mape was not the ultimate recipient of the masks, but rather this firm from Pontevedra placed the order to in turn sell to other companies and public administrations, the X that remains to be cleared is who ended up paying the extra cost of the masks and the two million that were paid as commission to Ayuso's partner.

Since published the first exclusive on this matter, it has tried to contact Mape through different means, who has refused to give explanations. On its website it mentions as a client Quirón Prevention, the company chaired by its administrator Fernando Camino, who has a foot in each company, but Mape also appears as a supplier to the Xunta de Galicia. Infolibre published this Monday that it was the one who sold the most material to the Feijóo Government in the pandemic, the Community of Madrid or the Ministry of Industry, the Royal Mint, along with multinationals such as Inditex, Renault, FCC or Iberdrola, among others.


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